Welcome to Tipton County, IN

Welcome to Tipton County, Indiana

Tipton County is situated in the heart of Indiana on 260 square miles of some of the state’s richest farmland and most beautiful countryside. The 16,000 Hoosiers who make Tipton County their home are proud stewards of the amenities and history they share.

The county was founded in 1844 by a small community of brave, hardworking pioneers, who looked at the swampy virgin forest of the Miami Territory and envisioned the possibilities of a land where they could settle, build their homes, forge their livelihoods, raise their families, and leave a legacy. Today, Tipton County embraces its bountiful history of agriculture, railroads, and manufacturing, yet remains ever mindful of a future that is still unfolding. That future may be best exemplified by the steps Tipton County has taken to foster controlled development, with a specific interest being taken at the intersection of U.S.31 and S.R. 28.

Tipton County thanks you for stopping by their website and invites you to stay awhile and explore. Please visit often — both virtually and in person.

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Circuit Court, Probation, Community Corrections, and Prosecutor are open until noon.
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