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Treasurer's Office

The Tipton County Treasurer’s Office is committed to serving the taxpayers of Tipton County and to fulfill its
responsibilities each day. Its duties and obligations include:Suzanne Alexander

  • Collect real estate, personal property, and mobile home taxes
  • Print and mail tax bills to mortgage companies and property owners
  • Collect inheritance taxes
  • Hold a Treasurer’s Tax Lien Sale for delinquent property taxes
  • Reconcile bank accounts with the Daily Cash Book
  • Balance payroll and claim accounts/funds with the Auditor’s Office
  • Sign all checks issued by the Auditor’s Office
  • Receipt allocations of excise taxes (auto, lottery, boat, aircraft)
  • Issue title transfers and moving permits for mobile homes
  • Certify for judgment delinquent personal property taxes and mobile home taxes
  • Invest county funds as Chief Investment Officer
  • Clear liquor licenses

The Tipton County Treasurer also serves as secretary to the Tipton County Board of Finance.

The Treasurer is custodian of all the county’s money. The officeholder is an elected government official, who may not serve more than two consecutive, four-year terms.  The current Tipton County Treasurer is Suzanne Alexander, who oversees a staff of one full-time and two to four part-time/seasonal employees.

 Information on Tax Bills:

Taxes are calculated by mid-March. Bills/Statements will be mailed in early April. If you have not received your tax bill/statement by April 20th, please call the Treasurer’s Office for a reprint 765-675-2742. Tax information can also be viewed online by going to:  http://www.tiptongov.com/county/  “scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the BEACON icon to enter the County’s (property mapping/search) GIS Program”

Property Tax Due Dates:

Spring Installment due May 10th, 2019 (Coupon A)

Fall Installment due November 12th, 2019 (Coupon B)


* The Treasurer’s Office accepts payments at any time. Estimated & pre-payments are accepted.

* The tax bill/statement is made up of three coupons. There is a Spring Coupon A, a Fall Coupon B and a Summary Coupon C. A property owner will retain Coupon C and computer generated receipt after payment. The Treasurer will keep Coupon A & B after payment.

* It is extremely important for property owners/payers to bring the original tax bill/statement when paying at the Treasurer’s Office; or, if mailing in payment, to include the corresponding coupons in the envelope with the check or money order.

* Property searches by Treasurer Office Staff is not a guaranteed method of finding properties.

Receipts for Payment:

If mailing in payment: Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if a receipt is desired. If a self-addressed stamped envelope is not provided, then the property payer’s cancelled check will be proof of payment/receipt.

Need a Property Address Change? See “USEFUL LINKS” below for the form

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