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We are a community of hard working people with a commitment to keeping our county safe, clean, and prosperous.

Emergency Communications Center (E911)

Tipton County Emergency Communications Center, also known as Tipton County E911, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is responsible for answering all 911 and non-emergency calls for the citizens of Tipton County, Indiana. Communications personnel also dispatch police, fire, and emergency medical cervices for the City of Tipton and rural areas of Tipton County. The citizens of Tipton County are provided quick access to emergency services by a team of 38 personnel.

The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is the county’s central command post to manage and coordinate major events and emergency responses. Equipped with three wall-mounted LCD screens displaying situational awareness applications, the center was designed for command and control purposes. The ECC provides complete communications capabilities for all police, fire, medical, city and county emergency agencies. The center operates a world-class voice and data radio system, providing police and EMS/fire personnel on the street, valuable information to help them respond quickly to emergency situations.

Sunguard (CAD) software enables personnel to display stored or current information and connect externally to state and federal databases. GPS mapping software allows the ability to track the location of 911 callers via landlines or GPS-capable devices.

The ECC utilizes language interpretation services that can translate more than 140 languages in the event a 911 is received and the operator encounters a language barrier. The center also is equipped with Teletypewriter (TTY), used by the hearing-impaired to read voice communications converted to text.

Three workstations are equipped with a high-end radio switch, allowing all public safety agencies to communicate or create an audio bridge for patching communications during a crisis. Each position is equipped with six PLANAR 20-inch flat screens with added touch-screen capabilities. T1 uplink allows the ECC to send and receive data from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) as well as state and other entities throughout Indiana.

Today, Tipton County E911 protects life and property by operating a world-class public safety communications system and by coordinating and managing emergency situations. The agency continues to evolve as a progressive communications and operations center dedicated to the community it serves.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve as the communications link between the citizen and public safety agencies; accurate identification of the citizen’s location and public safety response needs; quick and accurate activation of public safety services; to provide communications support and coordination for all city/county public safety and applicable support agencies. In carrying out our mission, we recognize that service is our one and only product and we share a common, ongoing goal to provide it at the most superior level possible. We also recognize that our strength and success are tied directly to the individual and unique contributions of each of us working in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork with our public safety association both within and outside the 911/Communications Department.

Agencies Served
City Animal Control
County Animal Control
Child Protection Services
Adult Probation
Juvenile Probation
City Street Department
City Utilities
County Highway Department

Tipton FD
Cicero Township VFD
Kempton Fire and Rescue VFD
Wildcat Township VFD
Madison Township VFD
Sharpsville VFD

Tipton PD
Tipton County Sheriff
Kempton PD
Sharpsville PD
Windfall PD

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Chuck Bell,
Tipton County Communications/EMA Director

Tipton County Emergency Management Communications Center
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