Probation Department

The Tipton County Probation Officer serves as an intermediary between the court andRick Stout individuals—both juveniles and adults—charged with committing a crime. The Probation Officer’s work involves investigating offenders, working with the community, testifying in court, and interacting regularly with convicted criminals.

The Probation Officer interrogates recently charged offenders to determine their motives and whether they are likely to commit additional crimes. During this process, the officer gains a better understanding of the offender’s history, personality, and behaviors by thoroughly investigating the offender’s background and interviewing the offender’s family, friends, and work associates. The Probation Officer applies the findings to his court-ordered pre-sentence and preliminary inquiry reports, which help the court determine whether the offender should serve prison time or be granted probation. Offenders granted probation fall under the Probation Officer’s supervision.