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Tipton County, Indiana

We are a community of hard working people with a commitment to keeping our county safe, clean, and prosperous.

Sheriff's Department

 The Tipton County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing the citizens of Tipton County with efficient andTony Frawley effective law enforcement services to ensure their safety, security, and quality of life. In Indiana, county sheriffs are responsible for the management of both criminal and civil cases, often facilitating procedures necessary to due process. The roles and services of the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office include:

  • Detain and arrest suspects

  • Investigate crimes

  • Patrol the county roads

  • Maintain the jail

  • Control courthouse security

  • Provide search and rescue

  • Serve trial summons

  • Enforce court judgments

From the Desk of Sheriff  Tony D. Frawley:

"The Tipton County Sheriff Office is committed to making Tipton County a safe place to live and work. The Department asks each person to be the eyes and ears for Law Enforcement. Any activity of suspicious nature should be reported to Law Enforcement at 765-675-2111. An anonymous tip line has been established to report any criminal or drug activity. The Tipton County Sheriff's Office will take the information and conduct any follow up investigation as needed".

The tip line is 765-675-0788 and can also be located in the "topic of interest" section of this page.

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2300 W SR 28
Tipton, IN 46072
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  • Phone: (765) 675-7004
  • Fax: (765) 675-6374
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    M - F 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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