Sheriff's Sales


A Sheriff’s sale is the result of a court-ordered bank foreclosure for the non-payment of standard monthly mortgage. In Tipton County, this sale is scheduled once every other month, generally on the first Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

Sheriff’s sales are not held on property location. They are held in the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office, 2300 W. State Road 28, Tipton, Indiana 46072.

Bidders must have the funding available on the day of the sale. All bids must be paid IN FULL no later than noon the day after the sale by certified cashier’s check or bank check made payable to the Sheriff of Tipton County. Letters of credit or other letters of verification are not accepted. All properties sold by the Sheriff’s Office by court order are sold “as is.” It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the buyer is aware of all legalities of such a purchase.

A list of foreclosure locations is listed on other pages on this site. They are also advertised in the legal section of the Tipton Tribune, beginning approximately four weeks prior to the sale. The full notice of sale is listed on other pages on this site.

Buyers of these properties become responsible for outstanding liens. It is the buyer’s responsibility to research the property for liens and to ensure the legal description matches the common known street address.

The Assessor’s Office can give assessment information concerning lot size, square footage, room sizes, building materials, past ownership, yearly taxes due and etc. The offices of the Recorder and the County Clerk may also have a record of any other liens against the property.

Title searches are the responsibility of the purchasing parties. Buyers should be aware that any federal or state liens become the responsibility of the new purchaser. While the Sheriff’s sale and issuance of a Sheriff’s deed to the purchaser will eliminate or clear claims of lien holders specifically named in the complaint against the original mortgage holder, the IRS has 120 days from the date of the sale to redeem the property if they hold interest in it.

In many cases, individuals still reside on these properties. Generally, an interested individual cannot view the inside of the property prior to the sale. If those who reside on the property prior to the sale have not moved by the day of the sale, it is the responsibility of the purchasing party to file the proper eviction papers through the court system.

Sale Day and Afterwards

Individuals need to show valid identification for information purposes when they become the successful bidder on any property.

The Sheriff’s Office does not act as a Realtor and cannot provide keys for the purchased properties. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make the necessary entry provisions.

Purchasers can expect to receive a Sheriff’s Deed and Clerk’s return within a few weeks of the sale. 

For more information about the Sheriff’s sales, please contact Matron Lea Stout.