County Clerk

The Tipton County Clerk administers the county’s official Circuit Court records, collects and distributes child support payments, issues and processes marriage licenses, and provides tax warrant information.

As a member of the County Election Board, the Clerk also overseas voter registration, absentee voting, elections, and certifies results for all federal, state, county, township, municipal, special and school board elections.

In addition, the Clerk’s Office is responsible for:Christy Crawford

  • Collection of court costs, fines and fees for all court cases
  • Collection and distribution of judgment monies
  • Filing and processing all new cases filed with in our court
  • Issuing various documents associated with those court cases
  • Maintaining record of judgment and judgment docket
  • Preparing certified copies of court documents

Christy Crawford, Tipton County Clerk of the Circuit Court, oversees a staff of five. The position of Clerk of the Circuit Court, also called the County Clerk, was created by the Constitution of the State of Indiana. The officeholder is elected for a four-year term by the residents of the county and may serve two consecutive terms.

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