What Can Be Recycled?

Unfortunately not everything can be recycled. Below are examples of what can and cannot be recycled:

Please if you question on an item call us!!! We are always here to help. Or maybe I will be able to help locate where it needs to go.  We also, have a free shelves, items may be placed on here for our Reuse Program.


  • Plastic Containers with recycling logo on bottom 1-­7. Lids accepted but can be removed and used for bench program keep in separate bag for easier processing.
  • Paper/Cardboard Junk mail, office paper, newspapers & inserts, magazines, telephone books, catalogs.  Shredded paper please bag separately.  Also food boxes and corrugated boxes are separate from paper. Since we now have compactor.
  • Glass food and beverage jars and bottles (labels are OK)
  • Steel/Tin Cans (Labels are OK)
  • Aluminum beverage cans please bag separately, foil, and foil pans
  • Lithium and Rechargeable Batteries  Button batteries need to be taped with scotch tape on both sides.  This protects them from catching on  fire during  transport
  • Tires (When you buy tires if you think you might save a bit by taking your old tires home with you, you aren't check your receipt they have already charged you for the old tires let them keep them).
  • Electronics (E-­waste) Did you know a sweeper was an electronic if unsure of your item please call yes we even recycle baby car seats.
  • Caps separate bag for bench program.
  • Take your used motor oil to Tractor Supply or Orielys they sell it and helps a business in town. You can also check there web site for confirmation.
  •  Fluorescent bulbs and other light bulbs go to the recycling center so they will be recycled.  
  • Grocery bags, you can bring them yo us.  We bale them and take directly to the manufacturer to be made into something new but they must be clean.
  • But you could also use a reuse bag for your shopping needs and not use plastic ones.

Not Recyclable:

  • Wax coated cardboard such as frozen food boxes or candy wrappers with a foil liner, (Made of two materials) 
  • Plate glass, windows, art glass, mirrors
  • Ceramic, glass cook-­ware or unclean items (don't want to cause contamination).
  • Styrofoam
  • If you have an item that is not recyclable but you just don't need it and it is still functional maybe someone else needs it.  We have free shelves for our community.  Please do not take these items for resell it is for free to use for personal use.
  • PPE is not to be recycled at our facility or curbside please put these in your trash.

All containers must have lids removed for proper processing.  Such as if you have a spaghetti jar and the lid is made of metal goes in two separate places when it gets to its destination to be made into something else.  Return plastic grocery bags to us they need to be clean we only have a 10 percent contamination rate.