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Tipton County, Indiana

We are a community of hard working people with a commitment to keeping our county safe, clean, and prosperous.

Planning Commission Board

The Tipton County Plan Commission is an advisory board to the Tipton Board of County Commissioners.

The Tipton County Planning Commission is an advisory plan commission organized and empowered by Indiana State Law.  Its purpose is to advise the Tipton County Board of Commissioners on development regulations and implement those regulations as adopted and revised by the County Commissioners.  The regulations govern land use and building construction in the unincorporated areas of Tipton County.

 The Planning Commission is comprised of nine members.  Five members are citizens of the community and are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to four-year terms.  Four members are on the Commission because of their position.  These members include a representative from County Council, a County Commissioner, County Surveyor and County Extension Agent.  They serve as long as they are appointed, or remain in office. A special meeting can also be called if need be. 



The Tipton County Plan Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday each month at the Tipton County Courthouse.

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