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Building & Planning Commission

The Tipton County Board of Zoning Appeals is organized and empowered by Indiana

State Law to hear and make decisions regarding petitions. The petitions involve

variances of the development standards or land uses that differ from the established

zoning ordinance. The Board provides an option for individualized consideration on

cases that conflict with zoning policy.


The Board is made up of five members. They are all citizens of the County. One is

appointed to the Board yearly from the Planning Commission. The Board of County

Commissioners appoints three and the County Council appoints one. These members

serve four-year terms. The Board meets the fourth Tuesday of the month, if needed.

The Board hears three types of cases. The first type is development standards variance.

The Ordinance sets forth a series of standards that all lots, buildings and/or uses must

meet. These include maximum height, setbacks from property lines, maximum lot depth,

minimum lot width and public sewer and water requirements. A variance allows people

to vary from these standards, if approved.


The second type of case is a special use or exception. These are uses permitted in the

different zoning districts with approval from the Board. The uses can range from

businesses, to home occupations, to cell towers. An expansion or addition to a

nonconforming use can also trigger a special use.


The third type of case that the Board can hear is an appeal of Directors decision. A director’s decision or interpretation of the Ordinance can be appealed. A person can also try to appeal a building permit that was denied. For more information regarding the types of cases the Board hears, please check the link on the website for the Ordinance.

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