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Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA) is a board appointed by the County Commissioner’s & the County Council.  The purpose of the board is to review appeals that are not settled between the County Assessor and the taxpayer, approve personal property assessments and approve exemptions. You can have a 3 member or a 5 member board. Tipton County has a 5 member board. Below are the qualifications and the listing of appointments.

  • Five (5) Member PTABOA:

    • Commissioners appoint three (3) members.

    • County fiscal body (i.e. Council) appoints two (2) members.

    • At least one (1) of the members appointed by the fiscal body must be a Level II or III assessor-appraiser.

    • At least one (1) of the commissioner’s appointments must be a Level II or III; however, they may waive this requirement.

    • No more than 3 of the 5 members may be of the same political party, and at least 3 of the 5 are residents of the county.


County Commissioner’s Appointments for 2016:

Virginia Baker (Level 2) - Democrat – Tipton resident

Ron Fetters – Republican – Out of County resident

Ed Quear – Republican – Tipton resident


County Council Appointments for 2016:

Linda Altherr (Level 2) – Republican – Tipton resident

Bob Edinger – Democrat – Tipton resident

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