Jefferson Township

Kempton...This rural community, proud of its heritage, provided a qualify of life that bonded
families to the area through the World War II era. Today, Kempton is recognized as a bedroom community, with a population of 400. It is a quiet agricultural center surrounded by thousands of acres of the Tipton County labor pool that meets the demands from agriculture, business and industries located in nearby metropolitan areas.

Goldsmith…First called Greens Station when it was platted, the town was named Goldsmith in 1876 after the builder of the railroad which along the village. The first home in Goldsmith was that of Mr. Solomon Wolford and the first business in town was a hotel.

Tetersburg…Was platted in 1848 on the farm on Mahlon and Asa Teter. The first business was in a small log structure. At one time Tetersburg was one of the busiest of Tipton County towns but when the railroad passed it by, it was no longer a business center. Tetersburg still had its post office in 1875.