Community Corrections Advisory Board

The Community Corrections Advisory Board’s primary responsibility is to help with the development of comprehensive correctional plans consistent with the requirements, criteria, standards, and policies of the State of Indiana. The CCAB also reviews annual budgeting process by the Director.


Sharon Fields                   Education Administrator

Debra McGunkin             Mental Health Professional

Tom Clark                         City of Tipton Police Chief

Terri Simmons                 Work One

Gordon Tocco                  DCS Investigator

Bridget Perkins                Heartland Ministries

Tony Frawley                    Sheriff

Sara Pearce                      Prosecutor

Elizabeth Dickerson        Tipton County DCS Director

Don Havens                      Mayor

Thomas R. Lett                 Circuit Court Judge

Jim Powell                          County Council

Rick Stout                          Probation

Laura Clouser                   Public Defender-Attorney at Law