Inmate Visitation Rules

Due to the Excessive Number of Inmates, Visitation is NOT Guaranteed

ALL Visitation is scheduled via Combined Public Communication at CPCJAIL.COM or 1-877-998-5678

All persons in the custody of the Tipton County Sheriff are permitted to one free fifteen(15) minute per week. This visit MUST be completed from the lobby of the jail.

Additional remote visitations can be arranged at the above website or phone number. These are not free.

No Children are to be left in the Lobby Unattended at ANY Time!

All visitors are subject to search at any time. NO Weapons, Purses, Handbags, Electronic Devices (Including Cell Phones and Pagers), Diaper Bags, Strollers, Infants Seats, Food or Drink are permitted in the visitation area. No halter tops, swimwear, or bare mid-riff tops are permitted. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. For the comfort of everyone, visitors are asked to please keep the lobby clean and free of trash, and to keep all children under control. Please, no running or climbing on the furniture.