Other Inmate Information

Meals: Inmates are served three times a day, including weekends and holidays. A menu is utilized that meets the registered dietary allowance for those leading a moderately active lifestyle. The daily average calorie count for the menu is not less than 2,100 calories. Meals are never withheld as a disciplinary measure.

Religious Services: A portion of the Tipton County Jail is utilized for religious services. Volunteer ministers from several area churches donate their time to conduct services for inmates. Two services are conducted weekly for inmates (excluding disciplinary and protective custody units). The Tipton County chaplaincy staff are available for individual counseling on an as-needed basis as time allows. No religious materials, including Bibles, jewelry, etc., may be brought to the jail for inmates.

Educational and Rehabilitative Services: The Tipton County Jail offers substance abuse counseling through the “Thinking for a Change” class. Completion of this class results in a seven-day time credit, based on rules and guidelines set forth by the court and jail administrators.

Clothing: The Tipton County Jail does not accept clothing from outside this facility. Inmates can purchase clothing items (underwear, t-shirts, socks, etc.) from the commissary. One set of clothing will be accepted one week in advance if an inmate is scheduled for a jury trial. An inmate’s personal clothing (underwear, socks, etc.) is collected and sent out once weekly for laundering.

Health and Medication: A nurse is available daily with a doctor on staff as needed. Only prescription medication will be accepted. It will be given to the medical staff for conformation with the jail physician and dispensed accordingly. Dental services are also available as needed.

Telephone Use: Telephones are available in the general population blocks for collect calls only. They can be used during the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., except during lockdown times. This privilege may be denied at any time at the discretion of the jail staff for several reasons that may or may not be explained. This privilege is not available for inmates housed in restrictive housing and lockdown units. Securus Technologies provides the inmate phone system. If there are questions, you may contact Securus (at 1-800-844-6591) regarding billing and service. You may also visit Securus online.