Tipton County, Indiana

We are a community of hard working people with a commitment to keeping our county safe, clean, and prosperous.

Health Board

This Board is responsible for providing and funding the provision of health services in
the County.

IC 16-20-2-11   Vacancies; qualified replacements                                                                      

     Sec. 11. (a) Members of a local board of health continue to serve until their successors are appointed. (b) When a vacancy occurs, the original appointing authority shall appoint a qualified person to serve the remainder of the unexpired term. A local board of health shall provide to the appointing authority a list of five (5) individuals, at least three (3) of whom must have professional experience in one (1) of the following areas:  (1) Medicine.(2) Nursing.(3) Hospital administration.(4) Pharmacology.(5) Social work.(6) Dentistry.(7) Veterinary medicine.(8) Engineering.(9) Environmental science.(10) Legal profession.(11) School administration. (c) The list must include at least one (1) licensed physician. The appointing authority may select an individual from the list when filling a vacancy.                                                                 
     Sec. 4. A local board of health is composed of seven (7) members, not more than four (4) of whom may be from the same political party.                                                              
     Sec. 6. Except as provided in section 7 of this chapter, the county executive shall appoint the members of a local board of health.


Carri Bitner, RN                 Democrat
Evan Smith                         Republican
Debbie Bennington           Republican
Kiley McQuinn                   Republican
Amanda Kinney                 Democrat
Lori Wisely, MD                 Republican
Dianna Andrews, MD        Republican

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