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How can I support the Tipton Police Department’s K-9 Fund or Honor Guard?
You can make a donation to the Tipton County Foundation (see Additional Details for more).
How do I request a vacation watch?
To make a request for extra patrols to watch your property while you are away on vacation, please call Dispatch at (765) 675-2111.
How can I get a copy of an incident or accident report?
Reports concerning an incident or traffic accident are available at the Tipton Police Department during regular office hours. Only state crash reports are available online at www.buycrash.com.
How do I pay a traffic ticket?
Traffic tickets are payable online at public.courts.IN.gov, or contact Tipton City Court at (765) 675-7878.
How do I submit an anonymous tip?
To make an anonymous tip, call (765) 675-1280.
How was I chosen?
As a Tipton County resident, your name was selected, at random, from Voter Registration, Motor Vehicle Administration records, and several other records for the State of Indiana.
Where is the courthouse located and where should I park?
The courthouse is located at 101 East Jefferson Street, Tipton, Indiana 46072.
What is the cell phone/electronic device policy?
No cell phones are permitted to be used in the Courtroom.
How is a prospective juror selected to serve?
In the courtroom, the judge will tell you about the case.
What is the length of service?
Length of service is contingent upon when the trial is completed.
What is the dress code?
The court recommends business casual attire.
Can I bring food or drinks?
No food or drinks shall be permitted in the courtroom.
What is the attendance policy and will I be compensated?
You will be paid $17.50 for reporting for jury duty and $40.00 per day if you are a sworn member of the jury.
Do you accommodate the Americans with Disabilities Act?
Auxiliary aids and services may be available pursuant to ADA. Jurors should discuss reasonable accommodations with the court bailiff.
Can I bring my child(ren)?
Children cannot accompany parents to jury selection. There are no facilities to care for children. Children cannot accompany parents into the courtroom during questioning.
Besides 911, are any other numbers answered at the 911 Center?
Yes, the 911 Center answers not only 911 calls but all other seven-digit numbers listed in the phone book as “non-emergency.” For instance, the Police Department listings in the phone book read: “Emergency – 911” and “Non-Emergency – (765) 675-2111.” All of those numbers ring to and are answered by the exact same 911 call-taker. All of the NON-EMERGENCY numbers listed are answered here at the 911 Center.
Then what difference does it make whether I call 911 or the seven-digit number?

Tipton County Emergency Communications has an “enhanced” 911 system. This means that when you dial from a landline phone, our call-takers will have your name, address, and phone number displayed when they answer the phone. This will assist in making your call quicker and easier to process. This location display is also extremely important in cases where the caller does not know where they are, or cannot speak or give their location due to a medical problem or a variety of other reasons. Our call-takers do not receive this display when the seven-digit numbers are dialed, or when 911 is dialed from a wireless (cell) phone that is not GPS-enabled.
Should I dial 911 only in a “life or death” emergency? What if I need the police for a more routine reason like a simple motor check?
If you just have a question or need information, please try to find the proper number in the telephone book. For instance, to find out if someone has been arrested and may be in jail, please dial (765) 675-7004. The 911 lines and call-takers must be available for emergency calls of higher priority.
Can I text 911?
Yes, you can text 911 at this time with Verizon and AT&T, with the rest of the companies coming online this year. Please provide an address in your text, as we can’t help you if we can’t find you. Remember, calling 911 is always the best and most effective way to receive emergency help.
What should I do if I am unhappy with the service I received from dialing 911?
If a caller is not satisfied with the services provided, they should ask to speak with the shift supervisor. If they have already disconnected, they can call back the same number they originally dialed and ask for the supervisor. The caller should explain to the supervisor the circumstances of the call and why they are not satisfied with the service they received. The shift supervisor is responsible to investigate the complaint, determine if 911 personnel acted properly or not, and if not, to take whatever action the supervisor deems appropriate to address the issue. Complaints can also be reported using the Customer Service Action System available from our home page. With this system, comments and complaints can be submitted and tracked so that you are aware of how the complaint was resolved.
Who answers 911 calls?
Professionally trained dispatchers from Tipton County answer all 911 calls, whether it is a wired or cellular telephone. Should the call require contact with another agency, we will transfer your call to the proper agency. If you are on or near the border with another county, there is a chance your call will be answered by another agency. Please explain your location and you will be transferred to us.
What should I do if I accidentally call 911?
Do not hang up. Allow the dispatcher to answer and explain that it was an accidental call. We are obligated to call back and confirm there was no emergency. If we are unable to contact the caller but have an accurate location, law enforcement will respond.
When should I call 911?
There are many good reasons to use 911: - For emergencies - You are unsure about your location - You do not know the non-emergency number - Or you are in doubt if an incident is an emergency.
What type of information should I give 911?
Every call is different. Simply follow the questions the dispatcher asks. Be ready to provide: - WHERE you are - WHAT happened - WHO is involved - HOW and WHY the situation happened
Can someone call 911 who does not speak English?
Yes, our Communications Center subscribes to a telephone translation service providing access to interpreters who speak more than 170 languages and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency communication services with non-English speaking callers.
Can I call 911 if I’m hearing-impaired?
Yes, our Communications Center is equipped with TDD/TTY equipment. Communications professionals receive extensive training in handling emergency situations utilizing this special equipment.
I am not happy with the service I received on the phone, what can I do?
The staff of the Communications Center attempt to deal with every call in a courteous manner. Due to the nature of emergency situations, our staff attempt to get the information required to locate you and determine the proper response in as short a time as possible. Some emergencies do require a more assertive approach to gain the information. If you feel that your call was not handled appropriately, you may contact the director of operations at (765) 675-2111.
Will the dispatcher help in medical situations?
Yes, Indiana Law (IC 16-31-3.5-3) requires all emergency medical dispatchers to be certified. Hamilton County dispatchers are trained to provide appropriate pre-arrival instructions to assist in lifesaving efforts prior to the arrival of first responders.
I have called. Where is the officer?
All calls for law enforcement service are prioritized based on the information provided by the caller. Officers are sent as soon as possible, and generally there is very little delay between the receipt of a call and the dispatching of an officer. Sometimes, usually due to heavy volume or extreme weather, calls will be prioritized based on the following criteria: - “In progress” threat of injury or to life - “In progress” threat to property - Threats to life or property that have not occurred - Incidents that have occurred but there are no suspects in the area - Other incidents.
Is it true that I can call 911 from any disconnected wireless telephone?
For most providers, that is true. We recommend that you do not give old phones to children as toys. If the batteries are charged, the phone will call 911 if it receives a signal the phone company does not recognize. If we cannot get verbal confirmation that there is not a problem and we do get a valid location on the phone, we will send law enforcement.
If I call 911 on a cellular telephone, will I be found?
Most cellular telephones made after 2006 have GPS locating technology built into them. If conditions are good, we will get a location within a few yards of your location. Being indoors, in a densely forested area, or on the edge of a reception area will affect accuracy of the locating system.
If it is not an emergency, should I call 911?
If you need law enforcement, fire or EMS, call 911. If you are calling for administrative staff or follow-up to an emergency call, you should use the non-emergency number (765) 675-2111.
Can I talk to the police chief or sheriff if I call 911?
No, you must use the non-emergency numbers to contact any administrative staff.
If someone is knocking on my door, asking to call the police, must I let them in?
If you feel there could be imminent danger to yourself, you should not allow the person in, but call 911 immediately and let us know what is occurring. If you do provide shelter to someone while waiting for emergency services, be sure to let the dispatcher know where the incident is occurring and where we can find the victim.
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