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Box Tops


We are always trying to find ways to save money.  Also, to help our community this one is for our school systems. If you are like me I don't have a child in elementary school.  So, I can not just send my Box Tops to school.  So, we are now collecting the box tops at the recycling facility and will give to the schools equally.  They mail them in twice a year and can receive checks twice a year.  If you want your box tops to go to a specific school just let us no when you bring them in.  Ten cents a box top doesn't sound like a lot but believe me if we can get this community together we can accumulate a bunch of tops.  If you go to the link I provided gives you a full list of companies that participate.  You may also pick one up at the facility.  I also have sheets that you can get from us that you can adhere the box tops too.

Update:  There is an app now for box tops you will now be able to select your school.  and scan your receipt to add that to your schools account.  

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