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Bench Program

On August 11, 2017 We delivered 9 pallets of caps to Green tree plastics in Evansville, IN.  Hilltop Farms helped with the delivery they really stepped up by helping our community on a last minute change of plans.  I want to Thank them so very much because we had to wait for three months, just to get an appointment.  4500 pounds of caps were delivered.  We brought back 6 black benches, 1 4-H bench for Beach Grove, a picnic table for the eviro-trail, 20 boards for the park.  It was an Amazing Day for this trip to help so, many organizations to reach their goals.     

To Sponsor a Bench

Save 300 lbs. of caps approximately 8/55Gal. trash bags full

$300. Dollars this is an update from the Green tree plastics effective Aug. 1 2018

The engraved part is extra and it allows 33 characters including the spaces in that count on a 6ft. bench.  On a 4 foot bench it is 15 characters including spaces. 

If you are collecting caps for you to sponsor a bench please contact the facility of your plans.  This helps in future planning of our trips to Evansville.

Update : as of Oct. 31, 2018 The Company has changed a bit 300 pounds of caps and $300. this to me is much easier to accomplish your goals. 

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