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Tipton County, Indiana City of Tipton, Indiana

Serveral Things you can recycle you might not know about

If you love to recycle some things you can do on your own.

Green Disk Vhs Tapes

Packaging peanuts The Plastic Loose  Fill Council website

Crayons  Crazy Crayons

Running shoes don't through them out send them to NIKE Reuse-a-shoe program

Brita water filters Preserve Products

Corks many whole foods markets have placed drop boxes inside stores

Also Recork and Sole for corks

Panty hose & tights No Nonsense 

Apple products Apple products for free recycling

Bras look up bra recyclers

Juice pouches TerraCycle

Hearing aids Starkey Hearing Foundation 

Backpacks American Birding Association 

Greeting Cards  St. Jude's Ranch for children 

Wedding Dresses Brides Across America

Keys The keys for hope foundation 

A lot of things can be used.  For someone else list it on Freecycle a grassroots, nonprofit network of people who are giving  and getting and their stuff for free in their towns.

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