Food Safety

Food Rules

Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) will not be producing hard copies of the new regulations for food establishments as with previous rules. Food Establishments are responsible for obtaining and maintaining knowledge of the current rules individually.

Indiana Department of Health Food Rule 410 IAC 7-24- Effective November13, 2004 410 IAC 7-24(107)(d) states, "The owner or operator of the retail food establishment shall maintain at least 1 copy of this rule on the premises at all times. Immediate electronic access to this rule shall be considered acceptable."

Obtain a copy of the applicable rules and regulations by using the link below. You may print a hard copy, save a copy to your computer.

*Any establishment serving food to the public, regardless of whether a fee is charge, must notify the Tipton County Health Department before opening. Retail food establishments undergoing construction, whether new or undergoing any type of remodeling, must contact the Tipton County Health Department 30 days prior to construction. If you are a registered not-for-profit organization, you do not pay a fee, but may still be required to follow food sanitation regulations.