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Community Bench Project

Community Bench Project

By collecting plastic caps from household containers benches can be made from something that would ordinarily be thrown away.


Caps from household recycling can be made into benches for our community.

400 lbs. + $300 = a bench

New bench cost effective

August 1, 2018

This program is offered from Greentree Plastics in Evansville, IN, to involve young people in recycling and community service. Any plastic cap that is clean and free of metal may be donated.

Program Contact:

Tipton Co. Solid Waste Mgmt. District




Green Recycle


The top board of the benches may be personalized up to 33 characters long. Contact the TCSWD for this process.

Types of Caps

Any plastic cap that is clean and free of metal may be donated.

Some examples include:

  • Snap on lids - cottage cheese, coffee can, and yogurt lids.
  • Twist on lids from medicine and drink bottles and milk jugs (including the ring).
  • Flip top lids from condiment bottles.
  • Large twist detergent caps.

Pick-up Service

Volunteers will be glad to pick up your plastic caps.

Please call

765-675-9006 to make


 Drop off Locations

City Hall Mayor’s Office

Chamber of Commerce

TCEDO Office

Street Department

Recycling Facility

Tipton Co. Public Library

Tipton Elementary School

Tipton Tribune



Offering accountability to future generations”

Don’t just recycle the plastic caps, participate in your local recycling programs for all materials.


City of Tipton Common Council

City of Tipton Park Advisory Board

Mayor Don Havens

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Tipton Co. Foundation

Tipton Co. Solid Waste/Recycling Dist.

Tipton Tribune

Did you know?

The energy saved by recycling 10 plastic bottles over making new plastic, will light a 60 watt light bulb for 97.8 hours or provide electricity for a laptop for 25.4 hours. –EPA energy fact


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